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Step by Step

We are behaviour specialists who offer support to children, their families and schools. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of the children and have a positive impact on all members of the family. We specialise in understanding behaviour and creating strategies that empower children and encourage learning. We develop social, education and functional skills that are specific to the child’s needs and goals.

Who are we?

Step by Step Consulting provides support for individuals with Developmental Delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder and any challenging behaviours through the use of Behaviour Analytic assessment and interventions.


In addition, we collaborate with professionals and families in the provision of support and training on a variety of topics related to understanding and managing behaviour and promoting learning. 


We are based in the Midlands and West and provide services to families, schools, and residential services nationwide.

Our Aim

  • To enable inclusion and improve quality of life.

  • To increase independence.

  • To develop an understanding that behaviour is a form of communication.

  • To enhance confidence and well being of our clients.

  • To support children and their families in learning.



Assessment and development of an education plan that is individualised to your child's needs. Step by Step Consulting also conduct behavioural assessments and support to reduce any problem behaviours and teach new skills for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Challenging behaviour

Management of challenging behaviours and development of replacement skills through assessment and development of an individualised behaviour support plan.

Parent Training and Workshops

Supporting parents in the development of strategies and management of problem behaviour in everyday life.

Professional Workshops and Training

Step by Step Consulting provide training for professionals seeking to either establish or expand their skills and knowledge of managing behaviour of individuals with Developmental Disabilities and/or challenging behaviours.

Social Skills Groups and Holiday Sessions

Step by Step Consulting offer social skill groups nationwide, children will be grouped according to age and ability. Skills targeted will be dependent on and individualised for each group.

BCBA supervision

Online and in person supervision for individuals seeking their RBT or BCBA credentials.



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Step by Step Consulting

Our Behaviour Specialists will assist and direct you through the entire process and provide you with the necessary support and skills needed to understand manage challenging behaviours in the home, school and community.