Play ideas to encourage communication

By Step by Step Consulting

Some children may have a room full of toys but little to no interest in playing with any of these toys. Not to worry, that’s where we as adults come into the mix. The key to learning through play is engagement and participation. Often the starting point of this is through social games and activities that are quick and have a low response effort. If your little one is not fussed about toys, attempt to encourage engagement through playing with bubbles, play doh, kinetic sand, balloons. Initially, these activities are adult-led, but the pay off for your child is substantial in that they get to see lots of bubbles, watch the air go out of the balloon, feel and push sand etc.

Once you have found something that your child loves, this can be used to encourage communication. Remember communication can be with and without words. To begin with, it may be a look in your direction or pointing for more. Honour these as requests for more and build from here. Communication temptations are key here.

Check our blogpost out here on this for more information and ideas. 

If your child prefers structure to their play, we can encourage communication through close ended activities such as pop up pirate, buckaroo, pig goes pop. These games are ideal as they have a clear beginning and ending and can be used to target many skills including requesting the different colours or parts (this can be pointing or asking for the item, this will depend on your child's current communication), finding the different parts or items (‘can you find the red one?’) and are also great for teaching those important turn taking skills in a fun and structured way.

There are many different play activities you can use to encourage communication at home, we promote a collaborative approach where we ensure parents feel confident implementing these at home and targeting such skills naturally across the day in fun ways.

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