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Step by Step

We are two behaviour specialists that support children, their families and teachers with managing difficult behaviour. Difficult behaviour can negatively impact different aspects of your child’s life such as learning, interaction with their friends and siblings, home life and school inclusion. Our approach is child centered and parent led, we focus on understanding all aspects of your child’s life, their likes and dislikes, their skills and of course, their biggest challenges. We use this combined with other important information to really understand why the difficult behaviour is happening and to make changes which are practical and effective. Our aim is to support you and your child on effective strategies for change.

Who are we?

Our names are Laura and Lisa, we are both Behaviour Specialists that have a Masters of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis and are members of the Behaviour Analyst Certified Board (BACB). We have completed extensive training in our field and continue to engage in professional development and education with a keen interest and focus on child development and well-being, parent coaching and behaviour change.

We are based in Galway and Offaly and work with families in the Midlands and West of Ireland and due to demand, we now support many families online.  We are passionate about supporting children of all ages and their families with problem behaviour.  There may be challenges from early years or they may emerge as your child gets older and enters a new stage in life. It is never too early to begin nor is it ever too late to address the challenges they may be experiencing.

How can we help?


Step by Step offers practical and effective strategies for parents and teachers who are experiencing and facing difficult behaviour with their child or students. As well as this, we focus on equipping your child or student with the tools to manage their behaviour. Our recommended strategies are practical as they are based on experience and effective because not only are they research driven but more importantly, time is spent understanding your child, their needs and their behaviour. This means each of our recommendations are highly individualised and designed specifically for your child. It is difficult to make the decision to reach out and get behaviour support in the home or school , however, it is crucial to remember that from time to time we all need some advice and guidance.


For families who are awaiting assessment or who have received a diagnosis of Autism, we have an early intervention and school aged programme. This programme recognises your child’s strengths and identifies their skill deficits and challenges. Based on this, we focus on giving you the parent, practical and easy to implement skills to encourage communication and aid your child’s development and learning.


Autism & Early Intervention

Our early intervention programme will provide you with information, guidance and resources to support your child's learning and development. This programme is evidence based, this means that the strategies recommended are research proven and effective.

Behaviour Support & Coaching

The focus of our behaviour support service is to offer guidance to make home life a little easier. Strategies will always be individualized to suit each child and also each parent and their unique parenting style.

Workshops & BCBA Supervision

We offer training services for small and large groups that are suitable for families and schools who may be seeking guidance and support for managing difficult behaviours. We also provide supervision for students pursuing their BCBA or BCaBA.

Toilet Training

Have you tried toilet training many times but have had no or limited success? Or perhaps you are getting ready to begin but unsure of where to start. Our toilet training programme is research driven and tailored to your child’s development.

Bedtime Issues

Is bedtime a real struggle for your family? We can support and guide you in the development of a positive bedtime routine.

Fussy Eaters

Many children can easily develop poor eating habits and our aim is to support families in expanding your child's diet.



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Step by Step Consulting

Our Behaviour Specialists will assist and direct you through the entire process and provide you with the necessary support and skills needed to understand difficult behaviours in the home, school and community.