How can we help?
We can support children and their families managing difficult behaviour. Our approach is child centered and parent led, we focus on understanding all aspects of your child’s life, their likes and dislikes, their skills and of course, their biggest challenges. We use this combined with other important information to really understand why the difficult behaviour is happening and to make changes which are practical and effective. For families who are awaiting assessment or who have received a diagnosis of Autism, we have an early intervention programme. This programme recognises your child’s strengths and identifies their skill deficits and challenges. Based on this we focus on giving you the parent, practical and easy to implement skills to encourage communication and aid your child’s learning. We also offer support for other areas including bedtime issues, feeding, social communication and general development and learning.
What is involved in a Behaviour Support Plan?
Behaviour Support Plan is a plan that is developed based on information gathered through the Functional Behaviour Assessment. The plans contain proactive and reactive strategies. More information on what is involved in a Behaviour Support Plan can be seen in our blog section.
What is a Behaviour Specialist?
Both Laura and Lisa have an undergraduate in psychological studies and a masters in Behaviour Analysis. Both of us are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA), this means that we completed the required amount of training and supervision to sit the BCBA exam. As a behaviour specialist, our goal is to understand behaviour. From our perspective, no behaviour happens without reason and because a child is ‘bold’ or ‘aggressive’. Rather behaviour is a form of communication, it is a form of somebody telling us they want something, or they want to avoid something. We identify the reason for behaviour and develop evidence based strategies that reduce behaviour by teaching new skills and making changes to the person’s environment.
Do you offer support for schools?
Yes, we offer school support. We are regularly contacted by parents and teachers in relation to behaviours that may be interfering with the child’s learning and classroom management. We work collaboratively with school staff to develop a plan of effective strategies to reduce any behaviours of concern and promote learning in the classroom. We also offer school support in the form of professional development for teachers and IEP consultation.
My child always says no, and does not listen to me, everything is a struggle. Can you help?
Yes of course. Saying no is an important skill to have, although we do not advocate teaching overcompliance, saying no too often can create a daily struggle and have a negative impact on your child’s life. Through meeting you and your child, we will identify possible reasons for your child constantly saying no. Based on this, we will develop alternative supports and communication with your child and support both of you through this process.
We have tried toilet training multiple times but have hit a roadblock, can you help?
Being able to go to the toilet by yourself with full independence is our long term goal, however to reach this goal there can be lots of small steps along the way and it can take time. Our approach to toilet training is quite systematic initially and becomes less so with success. We begin by ensuring you and your child are ready and prepared, we then begin and assist with any issues that may arise throughout.
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