Step By Step Toilet Training Starter Pack

By Step by Step Consulting

Our Step By Step Toilet Training Starter pack was created to give you the key guidance and relevant information needed to decide if it is time to begin toilet training.

It may be that your child is starting school in September, or you feel that this would be a good time to begin as weather is warmer and you are house bound a lot more these days or maybe you have noticed that they are beginning to show some signs for readiness. Whatever the reason, we have developed this resource to guide and empower you on making the decision to begin the toilet training journey with your little one.

Little Johnny down the road was toilet trained in 3 days. Your friends child, on the other hand, refused to even go into the bathroom let alone sit on the toilet. What is the right time for toilet training? Toilet training is no different to all the other milestones, each child is ready to begin at different stages and they need to show us when.

In our Starter pack, we have went into detail on the signs for readiness. These will vary from child to child and not every child will show all the signs but there are certain signs that are important to meet and we would always recommend ensuring that your child is showing these signs before starting on your journey. Once they are meeting the essential readiness signs, the rest can be learned.


Are you ready?

When it comes to toilet training, your child is not the only one who needs to be ready- it’s a change and time commitment for both of you! We have also covered what you, as the parent will need to prepare for and also how you can prepare your home for beginning. Once we have established that you and your child are ready to begin, we outline the next steps and what is needed to be successful on your journey and also we refer to common issues that can arise and when to seek support and guidance from a professional.

For some, toilet training can be nerve- wracking and frustrating. Some kids can take a little longer than others. Your child will eventually learn the skill and before you know it, nappies and pull ups will be a thing of the past. This guide was designed to prepare you for this journey and set you and your child up for success from the outset.

We will have a more in- depth toilet training course coming soon but this will definitely get you prepared and ready to begin the journey.

What other have said.

“I got in touch with Step by Step when I was having issues with toilet training my daughter. I had toilet trained her 2 older sisters with absolutely no issues but I just felt like no matter what I did, I was having no success. She was having loads of accidents every day, would not sit on the toilet to do her bowel movements and would never tell me when she had to go. It took me a while to reach out and get support and after a few days, we were having success. I was over the moon! I met with Laura, we talked through everything and I genuinely felt so supported the whole way through. We were given a clear plan to follow and she is now toilet trained thankfully but I wish I reached out for support sooner because once we got the right support, it was so easy and quick”.
Toilet Training Support, Galway

“We went to step by step for help to toilet train our almost 3 year old son. He would not even sit on the potty or toilet without a meltdown. The more we tried the more he resisted. We had tried all the different methods and after spending so much time and effort with no results, we were just left frustrated. We had run out of ideas and patience, and decided it was time to get help. Step by step helped guide us through this parenting challenge. They were so supportive, professional and encouraging! Lisa from step by step was able to connect with our son and within a few days, he was going pee in the toilet and then a week later, poo in the toilet which was a big achievement for us as he suffered from constipation.My husband and I cannot believe what Lisa was able to do. She provided a very clear plan for us all to follow. I’m still in awe that after trying for almost 6 months without progress, that someone else could come in and do that kind of magic in just a few days. My son is now fully toilet trained and we’re all just thrilled! We are forever grateful for what step by step has done for us and could not recommend them highly enough!”
Toilet Training Support, Tullamore