Struggling with nappy changes? Top tips to make this easier.

By Step by Step Consulting

I have a 14 month old who for the past 3 months has cried or shouted every single time I changed their nappy. As this crying and shouting does not happen in childcare, I knew it was behaviour based- they are not in physical pain or afraid of heights.

Here’s a few things I did to make for an easier nappy change:
- Instead of changing their nappy first thing in the morning, I allowed them time to play and connect together.
- After this we transitioned to the nappy table with a “transitional toy” (something preferred in our hands).
- Instead of lying them down immediately, I allow them to sit on the nappy table for 5-10 seconds. The reason for this is they used to begin crying as soon as they moved from a vertical to a horizontal position.
- I gently lie them down and redirect. Sometimes I redirect by saying “hey google, play X”, other times I play with their toy by hiding it in their vest.
The hardest part, I keep my voice light and cheery. Talking to them and labelling exactly what I am doing “time for sudocrem, now I’m closing your nappy, almost there….” (this took the most practice, as before I realised this was a challenge and hard time for them, I just felt like shouting and honestly sometimes I did shout).
- For the most part, I change them at the table. On occasion, I change them on my lap. Sometimes a change of routine or position can help too.

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