Success At Home: Implementing Routine, Structure & Boundaries

By Step by Step Consulting

Are you having a hard time creating routine at home right now? Unsure of where to begin with getting structure in place? Trying to get some school work done but finding it hard? Battles over screen time? Noticing difficult behaviour coming up?It was with all of this in mind and also feedback from parents that we created our Ebook- Success At Home: Implementing Routine, Structure and Boundaries. Due to Covid-19, the combination of school closures and strict social practices and guidelines has made this time an extremely challenging and difficult time for all children and their families. As well as the limitations on social interactions there is the additional pressure of continuing education and school work at home as well as many parents having to juggle working from home along with this. As we all know, working from home brings with it its own challenges. Implementing structure and routine can be difficult during this time, but the right supports and strategies can definitely make it a lot easier and more effective. We have all read online articles, listened to professionals share their advice via Instagram stories or podcasts and has sought guidance from friends on how to manage our time and our families time during this pandemic. The answer; always the same- seize the morning, set a routine, follow a schedule, set small goals, keep meal times the same and stick to the typical waking and sleeping times. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. This Ebook was designed with all of this is mind. We go through why your child may be having issues right now and also how we can get routine and structure in place at home whilst highlighting the importance of setting goals that are realistic for your family and taking things at your pace.


What have we covered in this Ebook?

Daily Schedules. This this is something you’re probably hearing over and over again and its value should not be underestimated! A daily schedule will benefit children of any age, from preschool all the way up and is definitely beneficial in these uncertain times.We provide our top tips for successfully implementing a schedule for children of all ages and have also included sample schedules and ideas of how to structure your day making time for fun activities, school tasks and also meal times.

School Work. Whether completing school work is an issue for your child or not, this guide has recommendations for all kids. Whether your child is having issues with cooperation for completing their school work or they’re a little younger and you’re unsure of where to begin with structuring their activities- we have you covered!

Setting Limits and boundaries. Setting simple limits is about finding balance. Limits are general household rules. The goal of setting limits is to set a guideline of behaviour which is appropriate and acceptable in your house. Given the current home situation, it’s likely some rules have been loosened and others tightened. When putting new rules in place, it is likely that there will be pushback and this is completely normal. In our Ebook, we talk about where to begin with setting limits and how to effectively implement them at home. This will be helpful any time and again we have covered setting limits and boundaries for all age groups.

We created this Ebook to help make this time as stress free as possible. This is new territory for us all and everyone is doing their best right now. To avail of our Free Ebook, all you have to do is sign up to our mailing list and we will send you your free copy today!