Toilet Talk: How long does toilet training take? Do I need to take time off work to toilet train?

By Step by Step Consulting

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this as every child is different.

Toilet training is packaged to us as something that is learned over a long weekend. Having supported families with toilet training over the past 10 years, we can safely say that this is not the case for many families.

To be fully toilet trained can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years. To be fully toilet trained means being able to:
- Remember to use the toilet without any adult reminders
- Wee and poo on the toilet without support or rewards
- Have little to no accidents across the day
- Stay dry over night

We are often asked “Should I take time off work?”, “Should I keep my child home from school?”. In short, the answer to this is no. This sets the bar that toilet training must be completed before you return to work. This potentially adds too much pressure to an already demanding situation.

Remember if you need to take a break from toilet training, take it. If your child needs a break, give it.

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