What if my childcare setting requires pull ups?

By Step by Step Consulting

This is something that comes up quite a lot and can happen because they may not have the changing facilities and/ or may not have the time for multiple trips to the toilet each day. 

So, what do you do if this is the case? 

Try not to stress too much about this. Your little one will still get lots of exposure and time to learn the skill if you are working on it at home. You can take off where you left off once they get home again. 

You can still ensure they are aware of what you are doing at home and they can maybe take them on trips to the toilet with the other children who are toilet trained. If they are aware of this, they can ensure to be consistent and approach it in the same way you do at home. This includes how you are handling accidents, trips to the toilet, whether or not you are using rewards. 

  • Let the childcare setting know you are starting before you start. 
  • When you collect your little one, take them to the toilet there. This way you expose them to different toilets as you don’t want them to think it’s only something that they do at home. 
  • Make sure they know how to request the toilet from the teacher. Some children can feel  nervous doing this in the early stages. Again, ensuring it’s consistent with home and if you’re using any visuals that these are also sent in. 

Toilet Training is definitely not straight forward and there can be little bumps along the way. We offer one to one support and guidance with toilet training and we also have a self paced toilet training course available too.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like any support on this journey, you can contact us directly here for more information. 

Laura and Lisa