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Behaviour Support

Struggling with Challenging Behaviour?

There are not many parents that can say their child has never had a tantrum, thrown a toy or pushed a sibling. All these behaviours happen and are typical, however, when this behaviour becomes persistent or difficult to manage, support and guidance may be helpful!

Although daunting, seeking support is the best thing you can do to help your child. While nobody knows your child like you, an outsider's perspective can help to see things that you may be too close to see.

How can we help you?

When we work with you, our primary focus is to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to manage difficult child behaviour while building a happier and more enjoyable home life.

Our approach comes from years of experience in managing behaviour problems. It is research driven and effective.

Our services are available in person and online. We understand that it can be difficult to arrange appointments and we want to ensure we can provide support to families in different areas and at times that work for you and your family.

Our starting point is always to learn about your child and understand why the behaviour is happening. To do this we follow a three-step process.

Initial Consultation

Parents know best, with that our first meeting/starting point is with you! We take this time to learn about your child, their likes, dislikes, their day to day routine, their skills and challenges and become familiar with what a typical day looks like for them. Prior to meeting, we will ask you to complete a behaviour diary over a few days, this is to allow us to be aware of specific situations where the behaviour occurs, what may act as a trigger for the behaviour and what may maintain the behaviour.

The Plan of Action

Once the meeting and behaviour diary are complete we will understand why the behaviours are happening (function of behaviour). At this point, we will develop a plan that will consist of strategies that will support your child. Our plans are derived from research and years of experience. We will meet and go through this in detail ensuring you feel confident in implementing each of the strategies and we will also provide any necessary paper materials such as reward charts, visual schedules etc.

Ongoing Support & Review

After a period of two weeks, we will meet again to discuss the plan and review how everything has been going, make any necessary changes or updates and discuss how to put these into action. When working together, we will often check in by email and will be there to answer any questions you have throughout, we want to ensure you feel supported the whole way through. Follow up sessions will be arranged to adjust the plan, as necessary and to ensure consistent progress. As there is success with the strategies and behaviour issues have reduced and new skills are learned, these sessions will be reduced.

Behaviour Support in School

Often times, if there is behaviour difficulties at home, this may also be happening in school. We therefore provide school support to ensure that your child’s needs are being met in each environment and that there is consistency across their day.

How We Support Schools

Challenging behaviour at school may interfere with the students learning or other students learning, building and maintaining relationships, challenges to the day to day routine, and safety of your child or other students may also be an issue.

Our approach to school support is similar to home support and we will meet with your child’s teachers as they will have invaluable information in relation to what is happening across the day. We will also conduct an observation in this setting. We will provide a plan to the school with strategies to be implemented and will check in and arrange follow up sessions as required.

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