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Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention

There are many skills that develop and milestones that are met within the first few years of a child’s life. For a lot of children, however, there may be developmental delays meaning these milestones take a little longer to reach. Early Intervention services can bridge the gap, supporting children with delays to catch up and work towards meeting those milestones sooner.

A successful early intervention programme will target all areas of development including communication (both listener and speaker), self-care skills, play and social skills and school readiness skills.

Our focus is on behaviour – not just behaviour that challenges, but learning behaviour.

Our early intervention programme is for children who are awaiting assessment, have a language delay, Autism or communication related difficulties. We provide support and guidance to both child and parent so that each child can progress in their development and learn these life skills.

We recognise that each child is unique, with their own strengths, likes, dislikes and challenges therefore we tailor each programme with this in mind. Our programmes are child-centred and parent-led and so that we are working together towards reaching goals that are of priority to you and your family.

Our Approach

Our approach will vary from child to child, but it general follows this 4 step process.

Get to know you

Our Early Learner Programme begins with an initial consultation with you, to gather information on your child and to get to know them.

Getting to know your child

During this time, we will also spend time assessing your child's different skills.

Action plan

We will provide a roadmap with practical advice and actionable steps that you can implement at home and in everyday life which will work towards improving these skills.

Ongoing review

As your child progresses, the skills list and plan will be adjusted and adapted to meet your child’s developmental stage. If you are accessing the home tuition grant, the plan can also be shared with your child’s tutor so that everyone is working collaboratively towards the same goal.

School Aged Children

As well as early learners, we also support school aged children. These are typically additional hours after school or sessions conducted in school that focus on specific skills or also can be extra exposure to certain tasks that are being targeted in school.Often times, for school aged children the priority is social skills development.

Ongoing Support

Once we have developed a plan for your child, there will be ongoing support and check ins. This is to ensure your child is meeting their goals and also so updates to the plan can be made to ensure your child continues to progress across all areas.

The strategies used are founded on the principles of behaviour (ABA) meaning that they are based on research and evidence and have proven positive outcomes. With years of experience of working with families of children with developmental delays we know how to adapt these strategies to each individual child, designing a plan based on their individual strengths and needs.

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