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Our Access Anytime Online Toilet Training Course

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Our Toilet Training Course covers everything you need to know about toilet training from start to finish, including problem solving those bumps that may arise along the way. The course has 4 modules, all under 30 minutes each so you can dip in and out when you find yourself with a spare few minutes.

All materials needed are included and there is also exclusive access to a closed facebook group where you can ask any specific questions you may have throughout.

We want to ensure you feel supported the whole way through your Childs toilet training journey.

Toilet Training - Online Course

Toilet Training

Most children are generally ready for toilet training between the ages of two and four. That being said, every child is different and so some children could start even earlier while some simply won’t be ready until a little later. Waiting until your child is showing some signs that they are ready and using a child led approach means you are less likely to come up against obstacles and power struggles.

From the outset, you would think it should be pretty straight forward, but toilet training is not as easy as it seems. We have worked with many parents who can attest to that!

Issues that may arise on the journey of toilet training can vary from child to child.

It is normal for issues to arise, toilet training is tough and there is no shame in needing help. We have supported many children and parents on their toilet training journey and usually it just takes that extra little bit of guidance to get back on the right path.

As always, our approach is individualised and child-centred and so we will assess your child’s toileting routine and any issues they may be experiencing in detail and develop a toilet training plan that suits them, your family and your lifestyle.

We can help if your child is

Having difficulty or fear sitting on the toilet

Not communicating their need for the toilet

Sitting on the toilet but accidents are still happening

Urine toilet trained but holding bowel movements

Showing signs for readiness but you're unsure of where to begin

Was having great success but is now having accidents

Support for your Child

At Step by Step, our behaviour specialists guide you and support your child through toilet training in a positive and encouraging manner. Our goal is to make toilet training fun and the focus is on creating a positive learning experience for your child.

Our Approach

While no two children will require identical approaches, our approach is always evidence based and systematic. Utilizing a systematic approach allows for the plan to be specific to your child’s needs and move at a pace that is suited to your child. The aim will always be setting your child up for success. We will work with you on a one-to-one basis to design an individualised plan, we will be available throughout to provide support by email and will arrange check ins throughout also to ensure you and your child are supported through the entire process.

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