The Learning Launcher
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    The Learning Launcher

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    Welcome to our Learning Launcher!!

    We have carefully selected 7 items to Launch your child’s learning! Laura and Lisa have worked with young children for many years and have supported lots of children with beginning their learning journey. We have created this box of our go to toys to not only have fun with your child, but also to  create a space that encourages learning, communication and developmental growth. 

    Treat this box as your treasure chest to encourage learning and engagement with your child. With that, this box is a treasure chest to take out when you have time to hang out with your little one! This box will symbolise a fun time with you.

    The communication, play ideas and skills are for children aged 3 and up!

    What’s in The Learning Launcher?

    • Pop up pirate (Please note that your child should not be left unsupervised with this toy due to the size of the swords)
    • Hide & Squeak Eggs 
    • Snap cards 
    • Magnetic Fishing game and Insert Puzzle
    • Magnetic Shapes
    • Sensory Toys (Beads and Massager)
    • Bubbles

    Each toy in The Learning Launcher has multi-purposed, one toy can be used to teach many different skills in a fun way!

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