Toilet Training - Online Course

    Toilet Training - Online Course

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    Learning to use the toilet is an important milestone for every child. For a child, it is a massive step towards independence but it can be a nerve- wracking time for parents and we know this. ⁣
    We have supported lots of parents and children with their toilet training journey- whether it is where or when to begin, getting the right strategies in place to ensure it is successful or support with any issues that may arise throughout. This course covers all of this and more with 3 parts, all under 30 minutes to ensure it is easy to access and digest and also so you can dip in and out when you have a few minutes.

    The three parts of this course are as follows:

    • Part 1: Ready, Steady..Potty! Preparation is key when it comes to Toilet Training. In Part 1, we discuss everything you need to know to tell when your child (and you) are ready to begin. Once we know this, we have our top tips on preparing you and your home for the journey. We have also included a checklist and our step by step starter pack.  
    • Part 2: Less Stress, More Success. To make Toilet Training as smooth as possible for you and your child, we will show you how to effectively use reinforcement and assess your child's bladder control to minimise accidents (and reduce the clean up!). We also will show you how to use a toilet diary (the key to successful toilet training) and also how to respond when there is an accident, what do we do when there is a wee in the toilet and also how to target bowel movements and Night time training! 
    • Part 3: Your Questions, Answered!  Toilet Training can be a bumpy road. From working with many families and children, we know that there are common challenges that can arise. This section provides guidance and solutions for these challenges. 

    We also have included all resources and visuals you will need along the way as well as access to ebooks on preparation, bowel movements and night time toilet training. 

    The course also includes exclusive access to a private facebook group where you can ask us any questions specifically for your child after you have completed the course. We want to ensure that you feel supported the whole way through your journey with your little one!