A Toilet Training Story

By Step by Step Consulting

This month we are looking at toilet training, we have supported many children and their parents through toilet training. Our approach to toilet training is systematic, but effective. This approach eliminates the guesswork surrounding toilet training such as when to bring your child to the toilet and sets your child up for success by eliminating the occurrence off too many accidents.

David was just over 3 years when he began toilet training. For David, it took 2 months until he independently began to wee in the toilet with no accidents. Independent bowel movements followed 2 months later.

With toilet training, each child’s starting point is different. For David, his starting point began with sitting on the toilet with his trousers on and no expectation to wee or poo. David had all the prerequisites to begin toilet training, however, when we started, we realised he did not like the toilet and did not want to sit on it. We slowly supported David and worked towards sitting on the toilet without trousers, then without his underwear. Once David was comfortable and sitting on the toilet smiling with a relaxed body, we began toilet training.

David quickly grasped weeing in the toilet. After three weeks, when inside he was weeing independently in the toilet. However, if David was outside playing, he would not travel inside to wee and instead would have an accident. This was likely due to the effort of walking from the garden into to the toilet (playing outside is more fun!). From here, we made the clean up more effortful, David had to help as much as he could with dressing and undressing. In addition to this, we began dry pants checks. Once David was doing this, he was having 0 urine accidents, holding an appropriate level of liquid and weeing when he needed to in the toilet.

For David, as with a lot of children, bowel movements came after. This took time, David had a history of constipation and pain when he passed bowel movements. Again, the correct supports were put in place for David and he is successfully toilet trained.

For confidentiality purposes, all identifying characteristics of the child were changed and David is a pseudonym.