Behaviour Support During COVID-19

By Step by Step Consulting

Covid-19 has seen the closure of schools and the termination of the home tuition which means our children are missing out on 20 plus hours of learning, social connection and structure a week. To help continue to support the children during this time, we have extended our telehealth service to behaviour support and parent coaching and support for early learners. Telehalth allows for more flexibility, we can arrange a call for a time that suits you best whether it’s first thing in the morning, late in the evening or during children’s nap time, we can work with you to support this. The services will remain the same, in that reports, materials, phone calls, emails etc. are all included however our meeting will just happen via zoom instead.

Zoom is a video conferencing app that can be downloaded to your phone or accessed on your laptop.Behaviour support will still involve an initial consultation where the sole focus is to get to know your child, their interests and likes/dislikes and to understand why the behaviour is happening. Following this we will recommend 1-2 strategies to try out at home for 7-14 days and then we will check back in again via zoom. We will assess what’s working, what is not working and continue to build on the supports in place to ensure that we are reducing the behaviour that challenges.

This is a great opportunity to seek parent coaching, as observer effect will now be taken out of the equation. Regarding parent coaching for early learners, we understand and know how crucial this period is for acquiring new skills and language. Our goal is to support you to become confident in teaching your child through play. The focus during this time will depend on your child, their age and current skills, it may be ideas and coaching surrounding language development, following instructions, pre-academics for school in September, listening to their name and play.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Laura or Lisa on