Benefits of Social Skills groups

By Step by Step Consulting

Social Skills Groups have many benefits for children with Autism. According to the DSM-5, a defining feature of autism is deficits in social communication and interaction. Many children with Autism may find aspects of socialising difficult for example interacting with peers, reading nonverbal language and developing and maintaining friendships. Exposure to these situations with the correct supports and strategies is likely to benefit those who struggle with such social situations. Social skills are much more than having the ability to communicate with others, they play a pivotal role in developing relationships with others and increasing quality of life.

Social skills groups are typically small groups of children similar in age that are led by an adult who is trained to identify skills that need to be taught. In these groups, children are taught the skills provided with the tools to overcome social obstacles which will increase their self- confidence and quality of life. The social skills groups target the skills in a fun and safe environment that promotes learning and interactions.Various activities are organised, for example, role- playing, games, etc. which help the child learn how to understand and respond to social situations. The activities are individualised to target specific areas that the child finds challenging.

What is involved in social skills groups?

  • Each group will have a specific goal. The main objective is to help all children learn age- appropriate behaviours to apply in social situations for example greeting peers, responding to peers, sharing toys, turn taking, asking questions.
  • When children are in a group, they can learn from each other. They can observe and learn how to behave in various social scenarios.
  • In social skills groups, children have the opportunity to practice the skills with peers in a supportive environment. Children are prepared for social situations they may encounter outside of the group.

Social skills groups can have many benefits for your child, it’s focus is to give your child the skills to manage social situations they find tricky.

At Step by Step, we are currently holding a series of unique and structured social skills groups. Children in our groups will have fun and will develop important skills while engaging in age- appropriate activities.